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Maybe the most versatile of all guitars, Thinlines are the best tool for whatever your gig may be.

The Swiss Army Knife of Tone

Your guitar should be a tool to help express your musical voice. A thinline or semi-hollow guitar covers all of the bases across nearly any genre.

Ready to Rock

With one foot planted firmly in history and another in the future, our thinline guitars can be seen on stages around the world, and in the hands of acts ranging from Heart to Father John Misty. It’s hard to resist the upgraded pickups, hardware, and electronics that make our thinlines a perfect addition to any rock musician’s collection.

Blues Boy

Semi-hollow guitars and blues have always been two peas in a pod. Resonance, thinner bodies, and traditional construction add up to a tone that even Gary Clark Jr. couldn't turn down.

Country Comfort

Whether you’re a "Rhinestone Cowboy" or a "Wichita Lineman," our thinlines can nail the country sound that fits exactly what you’re looking for.

Jazz Tones

Deep and articulate acoustic resonance provides the backbone for the warmth and soul that every great jazz tone requires.

How to Choose

When looking at solid woods vs laminates there are many options to consider.

Laminate: It's Not a Bad Word

To be great is to be misunderstood. We’re true believers in the de-stigmatization of laminate guitars. The tightly compressed laminate woods dampen down overtones created by solid woods, and lend themselves to perfect tone production in louder environments. Every one of our laminated thinlines has a center block that runs the length of the body right down the center, which aids in the suppression of feedback and reinforces the top.

Solid Tone for
Solid Moments

On a quest for smooth and warm tones? With a much smaller center block, about the size of your first, overtones are able to easily run through the sound board, which is perfect for achieving beautiful tones in quieter settings. Feedback can be an issue at louder volumes though, so if you want to turn it up a laminate top is a better choice.

Strings n' Things

From Seymour Duncan pickups to D’Addario strings, we proudly source top industry products to make our guitars the sharpest tool in any players arsenal.

Electrified Tone

What would the handcrafted tone of an Eastman be without a pickup that accurately communicates it? That’s why we’ve trusted Seymour Duncan pickups to bring out every nuance of tone and quality from your hands to the amp and beyond.


All Eastman thinlines are strung with D’Addario NYXLs .010-.047s. Lighter or heavier strings can also be used, but may require an additional setup.

Sum of Our Parts

It takes a village to make sure our thinline guitars are the right tool for whatever musical style you play, which is why we’re proud to work with high quality products from Switchcraft, CTS, and Gotoh.

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