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Juliet LA

Solid West Coast love.

A new arrival with some attitude

The latest addition to the sought after solid body series, Juliet LA rides the same wave as the adored Romeo LA. She has all the signatures of the solid body series; an original offset design by Eastman head designer, Otto D’Ambrosio, and a lightweight solid one-piece Okoume body that's sculpted for maximum comfort and playability. This gorgeous look is complimented by an inlaid pickguard to highlight the guitar’s gracefully carved curves and paired with the accoutrements of Romeo LA.

Celestine Blue

Style and Function

A tone bending Göldo Les Trem system pairs with a Göldo 3-Point Vario “moving” bridge, limiting top contact, and allowing for maximum articulation, sustain, and resonance. And with Göldo K-Line locking tuners, tuning issues are a distant memory. Gotoh stop-tails and tune-o-matic's grace the Pomona Blonde and Vintage Red model, while an aged USA Bigsby compliments the top of Juliet in Antique Black Varnish.

Celestine Blue

Riding a Tonal Wave

A pair of Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P90s, masked with Gold Foil Radiator covers, has Juliet LA riding similar tones as Romeo LA. Matched with a solid Okoume body, Juliet LA brings the rock back to Surf Rock. For a more vintage appeal, Juliet also offers Bareknuckle Old Guard humbuckers and P90’s on other models.

Celestine Blue

Glamorous Details

A signature designed in-line-six headstock and Celestine Blue finish stepdown gives Juliet LA a flare and style all her own. The final details from designer Otto D’Ambrosio allow Juliet to be a unique voice in any setting.

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Antique Varnish
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