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Acoustic Amplification

Getting ready to hit the stage or the studio? Our handcrafted guitars can be outfitted with an LR Baggs pickup to give you the volume and versatility you’re looking for.

Large Bodies

Backing up a singer? Looking for a high volume sound that retains prominent low end? Dreadnoughts and Jumbos are exactly what you need.

  • Projection5
  • Comfort3
  • Versatility3

Medium Bodies

Flatpickers and fingerpickers alike love the nuanced and balanced tone that these medium sized bodies bring to the equation.

  • Projection4
  • Comfort4
  • Versatility3

Small Bodies

Have it all with the warm and even tones, comfortability, and masterful construction that define our OO, Parlor, and Grand Concert models.

  • Projection3
  • Comfort5
  • Versatility3

Musical Woods

We obtain our tone woods from legitimate and environmentally cooperative sources in Northern America and various locations throughout Asia and Europe.


Beautiful mid-range clarity with warm inviting highs and tight focused lows. It possesses an ambient acoustic quality that connects the player to the listener by accurately conveying the sound of every nuance and dynamic coming from the player’s hands.


Depth and strength from low to high registers, rosewood’s ability to compliment high velocity sounds with a broad range of overtones is appealing to players of all styles.


Bringing high end into focus for larger bodied guitars is one of maple’s many talents. Acoustic transparency and striking visual appeal make it an ideal choice for players who are equally influenced by the appearance and sound of their instruments.

Engelmann Spruce

Subtle beauty is king in the world of engelmann spruce. Rich, complex tonal characteristics jump off the fretboard when played softly. It’s an ideal choice for finger pickers.

Adirondack Spruce

The sky’s the limit in terms of adirondack or red spruce’s volume ceilings, leaving room for dynamic expression at any level.

Sitka Spruce

Looking to dig in and fully express yourself while retaining complete clarity of sound? Sitka spruce is right up your alley. Used to create high quality, even-grained soundboards, it’s one of the most commonly used top woods for acoustic instruments.


Very much in the world of mahogany, sapele pairs ambient low-mids with beautiful dark and woody tonal compliments.

Cut to the Point

Functionality is a trademark of cutaway guitars which is why, in addition to easy higher fret access, all of our cutaway models are equipped with electronics.


Opens the entire neck up for effortlessly transitioning rhythm to lead playing.


Gives the guitar a modern profile that provides both comfort and ease.

Cutaway = Pickup

All of our cutaway models are loaded with either an LR Baggs or Fishman pickup.

Traditional vs AC Series

The Traditional Series stays true to the time honored build methods of the '30s and '40s, while the AC Series takes a more modern design and build approach.

Traditional Series

Fully acoustic instruments made for vintage guitar lovers. Bring a touch of modernism to your classic aesthetic by having an LR Baggs Element pickup factory installed for an additional $200 MSRP.

AC Series

You never have to worry about comfortably reaching the higher frets when you’re using one of our AC models. Nearly all of our AC guitars come with your choice of an LR Baggs Element or Fishman pickup.

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